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Folands is proud to offer Folands Fire Diamonds - Ideal Cut gems of the utmost quality. We utilize the unrivaled and patented ISee2 Technology to ensure your stone will out perform other diamonds of similar color, fire, and clarity.
The ISee2 Technology measures those factors that cause a stone to appear more brilliant and beautiful. The ISee2 Quality label guarantees an unsurpassed level of excellence in all aspects of a stone - from its original source, through its meticulous selection, to the perfection of its craftsmanship.
With the help of the ISee2 Technology , you'll know more about your diamond than ever before. Every diamond marked with the ISee2 Quality Label is also marked with an identification number, both invisible to the naked eye. This number allows you  to trace the origin, history and gemological details of your stone.  Visit our gallery for a demonstration.

The Four C's - Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat
Before purchasing a diamond, ask your Folands sales associate for a copy of its certificate. A diamond's certificate is an independent grading report by a gemologist that documents the major characteristics of an individual diamond, including the four C's, as seen through a high-powered microscope by a gemologist.

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