Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell is a very unique designer. In fact Edward Mirell’s designs are the work of two individuals. Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor combined their respective first names to spawn the Edward Mirell moniker.

Edward Rosenberg

Edward’s family began making jewelry in Europe in the early 1900s just before the Russian revolution. Edward Rosenberg’s father established his first enterprise in the United States in 1924 on the lower east side of Manhattan. The combined teachings of the old and new world methodologies provided Edward with diversified experience in all facets of design.

Mirella Connor

Mirella Connor was born in Calabria Italy and emigrated to the United States when she was 5 years old. The family instilled traditional values and a taste for quality craftsmanship during these formative years. Today, those same values and beliefs are reflected in each design.

Edward Mirells signature titanium collections are the finest in the world. The collections include titanium as well as titanium with gold, diamonds or our patented Black-Ti.

Collections that speak to active and progressive men. Contemporary designs in Titanium feature Black Ti and cable. Rings, bracelets and necklaces offer the ultimate in fashion and durability.

Cables unique, stunning, fashion forward jewelry for men and women. The Edward Mirell distinctive silky Black-Ti cable collections are enhanced with gold, platinum and diamond accents. They entice with their artistry.

Edward Mirell


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