Founded in 1961, CRISLU is a 2nd generation jewelry manufacturer renowned for bringing to market “personal ornaments” that are high-style, high-quality and high-value. In particular, the company is a world-class supplier of the finest cubic zirconia jewelry. Today, CRISLU has a worldwide network of showrooms and distributors in over 50 countries. You will find CRISLU in all of the world's fashion and trend capitols including Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Milan, Madrid, Brussels, Stockholm, Berlin, Zurich, Monte Carlo and Buenos Aries, not to mention its hometown, Los Angeles.

Each CRISLU cubic zirconia is hand lapped and polished to perfection by a professional jeweler and then is hand set into platinum finished sterling silver by a master diamond setter. CRISLU Cubic Zirconia Stones are fully faceted and cut to the exact specifications required for fine diamonds. Every stone has the same color, clarity and cut that give it the fire and brilliance of the highest quality diamonds in the world. Even jewelers have difficulty distinguishing CRISLU cubic zirconias from real diamonds.

Recently, CRISLU jewelry created a buzz in the world of fashion, as Hollywood stars such as Paris and Nikki Hilton, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Basinger, have been seen wearing CRISLU brand jewelry. In Touch magazine has called CRISLU, “a smart substitute for pricey precious stones.” CRISLU jewelry has also been featured in Vogue , In-Style, US weekly , Life & Style and Lucky .

CRISLU is dedicated to building a major, upscale bridge jewelry brand and to offering the consumer unparalleled quality, styling and value.


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